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  • Before and after glamor photography session
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My Goal

I want to take the best pictures you’ve ever seen of yourself, to remind you of how beautiful you are, and to prove to you that anything that stands between you and feeling amazing—age, skin tone, stretch marks, it doesn’t matter—will disappear when we rediscover, ignite, and capture the inner spark of genuine beauty that lies within: the real you.

Lindsay, a blonde with long hair, poses on a white background for a photography session with Annah Brown

Lindsay T.
Auburn, IN

Like I said I really didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know how I would feel about taking these kind of pictures, but you made me feel very comfortable from the get go during some of our first emails. I appreciate you being so professional and helping me through this process. As I said I am not comfortable with my body but YOU made it very comfortable to get photographed in an uneasy situation for me. I have and will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you again for keeping this very private for me and making it all go so smoothly and quickly. I guarantee I will have him email you with what he thinks of the pics after Christmas so you can get his outlook. Thank you again for EVERYTHING!

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A brunette poses for a photo session with Annah Brown and has hair blowing with a fan. She is wearing dangly earrings.

April G.
Columbia City, IN

Having my pictures done by Annah was an incredible experience. Annah really knows how to make the beautiful person you already are (and probably have never believed was even there within yourself to begin with) come alive in photography. Its inspiring to see you the way she sees you through the camera lens. Its always gorgeous, always amazing to see not only the finished product- but the time and care she takes in doing the shoot itself. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!!

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Glamor Photography on white background with black dress

Michele S.
Fort Wayne, IN

I love attention. Having a photo shoot is 100% attention on you 100% of the time. It’s severely self-indulgent. It’s delicious. Going over the photos to choose the ones you want is a close 2nd best to the shoot experience itself. Time with Annah is always wonderful. She never makes you feel bad about yourself or your body. She always makes you feel amazing and comfortable. It’s like a massage, but without anyone ever touching you. You just feel like a whole new amazing, sensual, sexy, beautiful, empowered, i-can-do-anything-woman during and after the shoot.  And, not smiling is difficult, but no worries, she’ll help you thru that. She’s wonderful at prompting you to do what she wants you to do and demonstrating how to pose.

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Beautiful lady over 50 with curly brown hair poses for a glamor shoot in the studio with Annah brown

Michele B.
Fort Wayne, IN

I have never had professional photographs taken before and wanted to mark a milestone birthday. Annah made me feel very relaxed during the photo session. She was professional but fun and did an amazing job.

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Mother and daughter with gray shirts and yellow accents pose for a picture in Fort wayne indiana

Joe & Julie S.
Monroe, IN

We had a great time. Lots of laughs, and the pictures turned out wonderfully. We also appreciated the extra help with clothing choices that would work together with the outdoor lighting. Our kids were comfortable, and it showed with the natural smiles in the pictures. And the IPad app that showed exactly how the pictures would look on our walls was amazingly helpful.

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blonde with short hair and purple streaks in hair poses for a glamor shoot with Annah brown a fort wayne indiana photographer

Lynae S.
Etna Green, IN

Such an amazing experience!!! I could not have asked for anything more because everything was perfection! Annah made me feel absolutely comfortable, beautiful, safe, and confident! I’ve struggled with my confidence due to low self esteem and being overweight. Since my photo shoot, I walk around feeling confident in the lady I am, just the way I am! The best investment I’ve ever made, the returns are endless! And my hubby is insanely in love with the pictures and the confidence!

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Cathy, a brunette with long hair is laying on a bed with black booties on and is ready for a photoshoot..

Cathy A
Auburn, IN

Annah, you are amazing! Thank you for capturing my sexy side all while making me feel so comfortable! You’re professionalism is impeccable. He loves his LBB!

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Bob B.
Fort Wayne, IN

Annah’s photography is amazing. She has an excellent eye for portraying people in the best light. I have two professional photographers in my family, so I have seen what good photography is. Annah’s is good photography.

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Cute girl on a bed in heels

Samantha T.
Fort Wayne, IN

Annah is awesome! She was super quick with getting the proofs back to me. I love the photos, I have to say my hubby loved his little black book as well! She made me feel so comfortable and it was such a fun time!

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Becky F in a pink bra on a bed with white sheets for a photoshoot in Fort wayne

Rebecca F.
Fort Wayne, IN

Truly remarkable experience!!! I never dreamed my pictures would have been so beautiful and poised! I was more comfortable with Annah than even my own husband, she made it a fun, enjoyable session! I am so anxious to give my husband his Little Black Book. I can’t wait to see his face as he flips through the pages and I imagine I’ll be wearing one or two of those outfits again soon after … ! I am so happy I put myself out there and chose to do this shoot. Definitely the best gift I could ever give to the love of my life.

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